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Blepharitis is a common eye condition that affects lashes and the lid margins. It causes the lid area to become red and inflamed. The lid margin and lashes may become irritable and itchy due to flakes on the lashes and 'plugs' that block eyelid glands.   

Treatment involves warm compresses (to loosen debris) combined with lid wipes (to remove debris).     

In severe cases, specific oral antibiotics are required.    



Blepharitis treatment involves warming the eyelids using a clean flannel that has been rinsed out with warm water. Hold in place over closed eyes for 5 minutes ensuring it is rinsed out with warm water as it cools. Then, gently massage from top to bottom over your upper eyelid. Repeat, this across the whole your lower eyelid.     


Lid wipes are most conveniently performed with dedicated eyelid cleansers. Wipe from the top down over your upper lid's eyelashes. Use the wipes to clean along the lower eyelid margin. Look upwards to avoid touching your eye. Use your other hand's index finger to pull the lower lid down. Finally, use the wipes to remove debris from the lower lashes.  


Perform lid hygiene regularly once a day. The animation below explains how to perform this treatment.

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