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Femtolaser cataract surgery

In traditional cataract surgery, the creation of a circular opening in the membrane covering the lens is done manually. This "opening" should ideally be round and central.


Thanks to the femtosecond laser, the creation of this opening is automated. Therefore, it is always circular and well centered to ensure an optimal position of the artificial lens.

The cataract must then be fragmented by ultrasound and aspirated. In some patients undergoing conventional cataract surgery and with advanced cataracts, excessive use of ultrasound can damage certain structures of the eye.


With laser cataract surgery, the lens is broken into small pieces by the femtosecond laser. This process does not damage any of the structures in the eye and decreases the amount of ultrasound needed to remove cataracts.


The remainder of the procedure is similar to conventional cataract surgery with the insertion of an IOL (Intra-Ocular lens) into the lens sac. This lens can be monofocal, multifocal, toric or toric multifocal.

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